Slip on mufflers

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by 5dollars, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. 5dollars

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    According to Harley the Screaming Eagle slip-on mufflers are just that. There is no additional work to be done, but the dealership wants to sell the stage 1 air cleaner and dyno tune the bike, cost of $1500,,do you all agree with the dealership?
  2. Breeze3at

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    Your ECM will compensate the Air Fuel Ratio to factory specs just fine for slip ons, even a stage 1 filter. A dyno tune without something that can change/adjust the ECM's AFR is a waste of your money. You will get a nice 8"X10" chart for your dollars.
  3. Harttoo

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    All You need are the slip-ons.Dealer trying to make money and leave You with a limited system.Start with the slip-ons and You decide what to do, beyond that, after You research Your options.
  4. dbmg

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    Run, Run, Run as fast and as far away as you can............:small3d011:
    As long as you are around 1.75" baffle or less you absolutely need to nothing else. With the advice like this dealer is giving you I would bet that the life expectancy of the engine after dyno tune would result in probably shorter engine life and will probably not run to your satisfaction. The other question is how are they going to tune with about a tuner or are they setting the trap to get $500.00 more out of you for the Screaming Eagle tuner?????? :shock
  5. Jack Klarich

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    No, they want to lighten your wallet
    Adding more fuel will not hurt tho the dealer maps are EPA compliant and do nothing more unless you spend big bucks for SE pro tune save your money and put on the mufflers now it will run fine
  6. 5dollars

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    Thank you all, its a shame there out for the money,,you would think if they saved me money now I might just spend more down the road !!!
  7. 67wizard

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    Are you saying I can add a stage 1 air filter with my reinharts slipons and don't need to do a download or spend money on a fueler?
  8. Jeff Klarich

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    These beasts run lean right out of the box due to emission regulations so adding more air your going to lean it out even more. You may want to consider adding a fueler to get the correct fuel/air mix. Theres many on the market and Dobeck who is a sponsor on this forum will give members a discount if you tell them your a member here on HDTalking.:s
  9. hillbilly81

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    my local dealer wants around 200 bucks for the intake and 360 bucks to dyno tune your bike....1500 does not sound right and really if you do not put a header on your bike you should not need to dyno tune
  10. dankisdea

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    my 09 rk came with SE slip ons and it runs fine with no additional add ons. Me thinks the dealer is just trying to fund the christmas party.