skull led gas gauge problem

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    i have a 06 fatboy fuel injected and a couple months ago I bought the harley skull leg gas gauge to replace the analog one well finally got out on a REAL ride today and when it showed half a tank I decided to top off because of not knowing when we may run into the next gas station well when I topped off I only put it a little less then a gallon when the gauge was showing half a tank is there anything I can do to fix that or reset it somehow becuase my analog one was pretty accurate and on the way home I had one light on and had 3/4 a tank left so any ideas what to do with this
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    You can adjust the float height but I wouldn't do that because it seems the resistance values of the replacement gauge are different than the stock gauge and when the LED's stop working on the new gauge, you will have to recalibrate the system again which would probably not be as accurate as it was.

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