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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Amish Hawg, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Amish Hawg

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    So, I'm shopping again for tires. I've searched on here but I couldn't find a "solid" answer.

    Why is there a need for tubes when my wheels are spoked? (fatties)
    After that......I understand that it would be good to change them out when I change tires due to a safety issue, but is it a must?

    Indy says one thing, dealer says another and yet another story when I see another. Dealer wants $650 for two tires installed ( no labor special). Indy wants 400.

    My plan is to do the tires and tubes, but I was just curious.

    Ya'll have a great week.
  2. Harttoo

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    If the rims were solid,You would need no innertube.Spokes can loosen and leak air.
  3. hillbilly81

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    It is always a good idea to change out tubes when running spoke wheels....IMHO
  4. Breeze3at

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    Spoke nipples do not provide an airtight seal where they meet the rim. Rim strips are used as a buffer between the sharp edges on the spokes and the inner tube.
    Tubes and tires flex a little when hitting bumps, hard braking, etc., that causes the tube and tire to rub, and why new tubes are recommended when changing tires. It's a few extra dollars that may save a blowout.
    I just paid $150 for a Dunlop American Elite delivered to my door, and I'll pay a shop $25 for mounting, balancing & new stem (I carry the rim in). Your dealers "no labor" price means he's charging $325 each for the tires?
  5. Jack Klarich

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  6. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    Thanks All - I now understand the tubes and strap

    Breeze - with NO special, original quote was $825. That's with the 2 Dunlop 402 WW's. Pretty steep to me.......he wont see my biz. Heck, I put 4 mudders on my Hummer for a little more than that.

    I'll go the Motorcycle Superstore and play there. I can get CII's or Dunlops for under 300, Shinko's for $200 ( leery there). My Indy will take them off and mount for $70 ea. 40 if I pull them.
  7. fin_676

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    Make sure that when you order the tubes that you get new rim strips with them as the rim strips take a wee bit of abuse being between the tube and the spokes
    I have seen both rim strips and tubes disintegrate due to age and not being replaced
    I always replace both when replacing a tyre I always fit my own tyres however between my 3 bikes I only have 1 spoke wheel fxstc has a solid on the rear and a 21" spoke on the front

  8. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    Just an update. This thing called work got in the way and delayed me.

    This turned into a "quest" to get the best price. These are all installed at their site. Dealer 1 - 680 for 2 402's www. Dealer 2 - 587 for the same. (418 for the rear only) pffffffffft.
    Metric dealer - 490 for CII' s or dunlop (bring in my own tubes)
    Local Indy. 483 for 2 New Metzler 888's tubes,strips and all. 140 labor included in there. Roughly 150 per tire cost. Get the bike tomorrow.

    Reviews on the 888's seem positive. I went solid black this time. Maybe I'll like the look. They tell me the bike will ride completely different we'll see.
  9. fin_676

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    The me888 is a radial tyre rather than a cross ply as usually fitted by HD and as such will require a wee bit more air pressure to support the sidewall so check with metzler for recommended tyre pressures for your bike as the book pressures will be for a cross ply

  10. Joyflyin

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    I hate when work interferes with personal life. :(