Should I sell my full face helmet to be cool?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleypr, May 26, 2010.

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    I am having a hard time with the abuse I get from some riders on my use of an Arai full face helmet. I am coming to my first Harley, an 09 Deluxe, with the experience of always riding with a full face helmet. I have always felt safer with the added protection and know from my years of dirt biking how many times I bashed the cheek and chin areas. I've only had two accidents on the road and one included being hit by a hit and run driver and being forced over the curb up against a brick fire station and wearing off the right side of a helmet. I was very lucky to escape with no injuries. I could have worn off my lower right jaw! My best friend riding buddy is all about style but I'm not there with him. I think about what could happen and wanted the experts advice. I did paint my helmet with base coat clear coat in antique white and deep turquoise but that didn't make my buddy any happier. Do I just need to do what makes me happy because that is what I normally do. I never have felt compelled to follow the crowd. I will follow the crowd with my choice of this great bike and hopefully others to follow! Give me your honest opinions.
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    Wear what you feel most comfortable with.
    By comfort I mean safe and at ease with as well as actual comfort level.
    I'm sure your buddy is just teasing you.

    I wear a HD half shell around town. When it's cold out or on a long road trip I wear my HD Screaming Eagle full face helmet. I stay warmer and get less fatigued while wearing a full face on the highway.

    If you need to paint your helmet, try a flat black or put some skulls or flame licks into it.

    Ride proud brother.
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    Saftey gear is should be a personal choice, the influence of others should never come into play. If you take it a step further would you let others convince you to not wear a helmet at all? These are choices that we should only make for ourselves. I am not here to say what is the right answer for anyone but myself.
    I will say the I wear a half helmet much of the time, have ridden without any on occasion, 3/4 helmet and full face other times. Keep the riding fun...wear want you want.

    Ride Safe
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    Tell your buddy you're going to wear what makes you feel comfortable and safe, and if he doesn't like it to go ride with someone else. A true friend wouldn't ask you to compromise your safety just to look cool.
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    Well put.
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    use what you like, I do. HJC full face helmet:57:
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    peer pressure got lost after high school full face all the time
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    Whats NOT cool is your friends pressure. I can promise if this is their way, they are riding for the wrong reasons. They would be what is referred as "wannabe's". Wear your helmet and then tell your friend everyone is jumping off bridges and its "cool". LOL! (Don't really tell them that, they might do it!) :s Wear your helmet and be yourself, thats what it is all about.....being yourself.:D

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    Harleypr, as most of the others said, time and place for full face helmet is your decision. I wear full face when in cold weather and winter "wet riding"...your comfort and presence of mind trumps your friends "fooling around". Full face is more protective in practice, but 1/2 or 3/4 offer more ventilation and less "claustrophobia".

    Yeah, I wore only full face helmets, but on a sportbike ripping up the road, you needed that still air behind the helmet so you could concentrate on the road and conditions...actually did not need ear plugs either, so all the sounds, smells and sensations were geared to the task at hand.

    HD ride is so much more "calm" and since most of the time your not riding with your ears pinned back running near the 8/10 pace the enjoyment of sensations is enhanced with 3/4 or 1/2 helmet, but sacrifice a bit of safety in the process.
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    I may be wrong but I think I have seen more and more Harley riders wearing full-face helmets in recent years. I almost always wear a full-face helmet. An intact face after a crash is cooler than a missing nose or jaw.