Should I customize my stock seat?

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  1. I have an 08' Heritage Softail Classic with a factory stock seat. This saddle feel great when I first climb aboard but I get monkey butt after about an hour. I have been looking at customizing my stock seat with some gel inserts. I especially like the one from ButtBuffer. I have spoken with Peter in PA and he will do both the front and rear seat for about $250. If I can tell a big difference then this would be worth it. I also have been looking at a new 76047 Mustang seat but it is around $389. Has anyone had any experience with the jell inserts. Is it worth the difference compared to the cost of a new seat. Help!
    Thanks Kenny
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    I don't have any experience with the inserts but love my Mustang seat. Its the big two up touring seat. My passenger loves it as well. :)
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    Maybe this can help till you make up your mind?

    All joking aside the Mustang seats are known for their comfort, have you had a chance to sit in one yet? Would be my first choice, but not without sitting on one first, everyone is different.
  4. Well, I have always heard behind every good man is a great woman. Women just have a way of putting everything into their proper perspective. After discussing with my girlfriend my intentions I guess I will hold off until I can afford the Mustang seat. She so nicely pointed out to me a couple of things that I had not considered. By the time I pay shipping or drive the 5.5 hours to PA from VA I will have spent almost as much as I would for the Mustang. Gosh I love that girl. Thanks guys. I think a lot of times we know what we need to do but we just need someone to agree with us. I am still interested in what everyone has to say about gel inserts.
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    I shipped my SERK seat to Brent at Mean City Cycles in Maiden, North Carolina. They have several options available, some including impact gel.

    They do an incredible job!

    Be safe. Ride often!
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    I didn't like my seat on my Fatboy, it too would make my bottom go numb after about an hour. I tried a buddy's gel pad and I could go maybe an hour and a half before numbness would set in. I don't have the money to buy a new seat.

    So I did a search on different seat pads and came across beaded pads for seats. A cycle mag, Motorcyclist?, had done a test on different pads and the ones from BeadRider - Beaded Motorcycle Seats came out on top. I bought a pair, rider and pillion, and couldn't be happier with the results. I have ridden 700 miles in one day with them and could have gone longer. I have had mine for about 2 years now.

    So in the meantime while your saving for the Mustang seat I would suggest taking a look at the beads. They are very affordable, about $36 for the rider or about $56 for rider and pillion.


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    A quick and easy alternative is to add a sheepskin/gel pads that uses sheet metal vinyl coated, nylon web velcro straps as shown below: Check out American Motorcycle Specialties -- Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads, Covers, Sheepskin gel pads & Motorcycle luggage nice thing was that they are local here in SoCal in Thousand Oaks just up the road...not a bad deal for me anyways...

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    the stock seat on my flstn was the same. after an hour in the saddle you didn't want to get back on. i bought the butt buffer pads but found little difference when using them. it seems to be more the style and shape of the seat that causes the problem. i got lucky and found a corbin 25th anniversary seat. it has a very deep pocket and high backrest. i did a trip to port dover(about 600 miles) and it was like being in my lazy boy chair. smartest purchase i made for the bike. there's nothing spoils a nice long ride like an uncomfortable seat