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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by glyd-n, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. glyd-n

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    I have just installed the TFI on my SG and it seems to be doing what it is supposed be doing. My question is the effects of shortening the baffles in the mufflers. I have SE slip ons, but they are not that loud. If I cut the baffles down, is there an adverse effect or will it just make it louder. Does anyone offer shorter baffles for the touring bikes?

    Thanks, any help or ideas are appreciated.
  2. RickyBobby

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    You know what sounds great? Big City Thunder baffles. A guy at work has a near stock Road King and installed them in his Harley mufflers and the sound is nice, especially as he takes off leaving work. They might make them for the SE mufflers. I don't see where they would hurt performance, maybe even help it. :)
  3. glyd-n

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    The part # is 80506-07/80505-07. I don't have a part number for the baffles. the baffles are removable and the pipe does not have to be cut. I thought about just cutting these baffles down, but again I'm guessing at A/F mixture.
  4. sir_will_yum

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    I have cut down baffles to increase the loudness...I'm now down to only a 2" baffle with two rows of louvers. any less and you get that popping with your decel which I find annoying...I would think with the closed loop O2 sensors the computer will try to compensate for the change in A/F ratio the same way it does when you change elevation...
  5. H4U30

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    Glyd-n I have an 09 FLHX. I put Rinehart slip ons, on it and was very upset with how quiet it was and discusted with their customer support! When I ended up doing was taking the baffles completely out of the Rineharts and installing Big City Thunder baffles in the header pipes right before where the mufflers slide on. I couldn't be happier with BCT baffles, there sound and performance. I also have a TFI and just tuned it as the direction say. The bike runs great, is very powerful, nice rumble and can be loud when crank it up.
  6. glyd-n

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    I have been doing some research and I like the sound of this setup. Yup, this is what I'm going to do. I appreciate all the input. Thanks.
  7. mkd58

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    glyde!i put mikuni baffles in my se 98-b mufflers with stock hd head pipes and had trouble with reversion at lower rpm and light throttle running.i had to have it dyno tuned to increase the fuel at high throttle and it ran great but at 30 mph in town it ran terrable.the tuner spent 12 hrs getting it dialed in with the mikuni baffles and i still wasn't happy with the low end performance.i went back to the original se 98-b touring baffles and had it tuned again on the dyno.every thing you change has good and bad consequences,for me the aggravation of having the bottom end sputtering was too much and not worth the baffle change.the 98-b baffles were full lenght and the mikuni baffles were only 15" long.they were loud !!!!!!!
  8. Iceman24

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    +++ on the BCT baffles. Gr8 quality & awesome sound!
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Big City stepping up with baffles to retro fit lots of mufflers a little spendy but tried and trued already, can be fit to older screaming eagles also