short on 1992 flhtc

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  1. i seem to have a short in my starting system, sometimes it will start fine and sometimes i just seem to lose all power and wont start,battery checks out fine,system is chargeing. does any one have any idea where i can start th check for this problem your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    When you say "seems to loose all power",do you mean lights go out, no clicking from starter button or what?. I would start with checking the starter relay for power & ground and go from there. If memory serves me your relay is located on the oil tank behind the right side cover.
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    I once had an internal short in my battery. It would start fine, run ok, and then just die. It would stay dead for about 20 minutes and then just miraculously come back to life. Wound up it was a bad battery. Good luck. Bus Driver.
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    Check battery voltage @ the starter main lug it should read same as @ battery, hit starter read voltage again @ thhe starter how much is the drop?