Shifting Woes

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    Shifting from first gear to second gear has become increasingly difficult on my 2002 FXDWG (TC88). I have taken the shifter cam drum and shift forks out of the transmission to inspect for a possible bent shifter fork. The problem is, I'm not certain what exactly to look for. What replacement parts would be best to use? I believe Baker Drivetrain to manufacture high quality parts. Am I right?

    Warm riding weather is nearly upon us and don't want to continue making second-gear starts because I can't make the 1-2 shift.
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    Try putting it back together and adjusting per the HD Factory Service Manual covering your model and year. Then put some high quality FULL synthetic GL-5 75W140 gear lube in the transmission to the full level on the stick (usually measured with the bike upright, but check the book).

    THEN, adjust the clutch. Use one of the methods described in the self-help pages. Change the primary fluid to a fit-for-purpose oil like HD Formula + or Spectro primary.

    Let us know what happens.

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    Clutch was my first thought also. Clutch not adj.ed properly could give the same symptoms that you describe. Follow TQs advice and see what you have then. Good luck.:)