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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by 85FXRS, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Maybe a foolish question but I do not know if it just me or not. I am new to Harley and have an 85 FXRS and when riding have come across something I find a bit odd. I ask if this is a concern or rather a normal condition. My bike has an evo with a speed. I notice or rather think I notice when I ride and do not mind my upshifts that if I do not lift my shifter all the way up in 3-4 gear that sometimes I will miss 4th and end up in neutral. I have rode this bike while minding the travel and I never miss the gear. Is this normal or something I should look into or have a concern with? No noise, or hard shift just seems like a little more travel than in the other gears. When this happens I will downshift back into 3 then mind my upshift travel and I then have 4. I will be keeping an eye on it but thought I would ask here first and take it from there. Thanks
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    Do you have a adjustment nut on shifter linkage? If so you can change the travel of the shifter rod. Also check the pivot points sometimes with age the will bind up and reduce engagement of transmission.
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    I agree with Bernie, sounds like the linkage needs a little adjusting.