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    Hey hows it going.

    So here it is, im replaceing my shift shaft on my 2001 FXD, how do i do this and most importanly what will i need to replace when i take everything out. i already have a new shaft, lever, and primary gasket. what am i missing? i had to Tac-Weld the shift lever on. BOTH sets of teeth were shot. FML.
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    welcome to the forum. To replace the mid control shift shaft, you'll need to remove the clutch pack and inner primary housing. It's a good idea to replace all seals while you have it apart.
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    Not sure if you can get the pawl and shaft out by just removing the drum, or if you have to pull the trap door and guts out of the tranny (WAY bigger job!!). Check out the attached. I know that is from an '03 manual, but should apply.


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    Ok...I'm assuming you are speaking of the shaft that the toe-shifter lever attaches to which extends OUTWARD through the inner and outer primary cases and attaches to the shift pawl on the transmission with a small link. That was something that I was looking at doing to my 07 SuperGlide Custom to install forward controls. It is a LOT of work (and expense). To replace the shaft, the outer primary, clutch assembly, compensator and primary chain and chain tensioner and the alternator assembly need to be removed.

    Or, as an alternative, you could just disconnect the link between the shaft and the transmission, remove the toe shift lever and cap off the shaft, and install a set of forward controls.

    If you want to install forward controls but don't want the shaft left in the primary, you can actually go up from underneath and using a hacksaw blade, cut the shaft and pull it out, then obtain a neat little chrome plug to plug the hole in the primary.

    But if you are still insistent on removing and replacing the shifter shaft, It takes a little know-how and tools and you would probably want to change out the "Lefty" bearing when you have the inner primary pulled as well as the front and rear inner primary gaskets. Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the help, i will let you know how it turns out.

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