Service, New Tire and Tank Recall

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Grillfish, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Well, dropped off the 09 RG at my local HD dealer to get the 5K service done (Yes, I know why not do it myself... it was part of the deal when I bought the bike in Dec 08). I've been going there for 10 yrs, 2nd bike from them and they treat me well.

    I brought in my own oil, Mobil 1 V-Twin 20-50 to switch over from the dino HD 360. I ran M1 in my '02 Sporty for many years and not a problem.

    I brought in the Spectro 6 speed tranny oil. I had it in there before and liked it alot, thus kept using it.

    I had them use the HD Formula + for the primary/chaincase. I was thinking of switching to Redline, but the F+ worked for me.

    They did all the other items noted on the 5K service list as well as a nice bike wash.

    They also did the tank mount recall. I have not even noticed what they installed yet.

    I also mentioned to the service mgr that I had the 407 front tire. He said.. oh we will switch it out for you. I didn't even have any issues with the 407, but when I picked up the bike, a new D408F was on! It did seem the front of the bike ran alot smoother, maybe a false sense, but it did feel like it.

    And later today I've gotta clean my K&N air filter. Usually clean it, let it dry overnight and then spray the oil on it the next morning. I cover the intake with a rag so nothing gets in.

    Well, all in all I'm pleased and I beat the Bike Week rush!

    Ride safe and have fun!
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    you are ready to roll!! I really like the RG, almost bought one but felt the EGC is better for touring.
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    I tried to get my dealer to cover my front tire, but since I changed it myself, they wouldn't cover it ( I bought the new tire from them). They said they had to have a repair order number to put on the warranty and since they didn't change it, they didn't have a number. I call costumer service at HD, and they said they couldn't help me because a dealer didn't do the work. I guess this is the down side of working on your bike yourself.
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    Sounds like you have a good dealer. When I take my SG in for the tank recall I will mention my tire being a 407 and see what they do.
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    I have an 09 Elec.Classic. Are you saying there is a recall on the tire?
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    Not a recall. A service bulletin. M1258A.. If you have a D407 on your 09 touring bike you can get a brand new D408. When you go to the dealer you need to state that you feel a vibration and that you feel it does not handle well and that you are concerned about safety. Make sure your tire pressure is 38 to 40 when you bring it in because they will check. Print out the bulletin and bring it with you.