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    I am looking at putting on a stage one on my 2009 FLHX09 because from what I am reading it is running too lean and could damage my bike. I am really not interested in changing the pipes - believe it or not, I like the sound it has now. I just want to take care of this bike as best as I can.

    So, If I put on the stage one and the Screaming Eagle Race Tuner -

    1) what does this do to the performance of the bike?
    2) When a SERT is put on what does the the shop do to the bike to install it and make sure it is right?
    3) About how much in HD Labor will this cost me?
    4) How will this impact the gas mileage?
    5) Will this take care of the lean issue?

    Thanks folks... As you can see I know very little about this but I do know where to ask! ;)

  2. Chopper

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    If you're happy with the bike the way it is, it will run forever stock, no problems and will not damage the bike running it stock. If you want more performance the S/E air cleaner with a sest will give you some, if you want a little more without changing the sound much, if any the S/E slip-on's will be free flowing to match up with the free breathing intake. If you do both you are probably looking to get about 8-10 hp gain. The sest does not get installed on the bike, it is a module that just hooks in line between a computer and your ECM that allows a person to install a new map into the ECM just like they do at the factory, you unplug it when through and keep it safe at home. The stage 1 map that comes with the sest would work just fine for you without any dyno tuning, In fact the stage 1 download from the dealer would probably do you fine if you don't want to pay the extra bucks for the tuner, although the sest is best way to go and a good investment for the bike. You should not see much if any change on your fuel mileage. The bike will run stronger and a little cooler with the stage 1.
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  3. kmac

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    can't you just change the mapping to get it to run a little richer thus cooler?
  4. skcm2006

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    Is there any benefit to adding a stage on AC to my bike if I leave on the stock pipes?

    Will that correct the "lean" issue?

    If I put on the Stage 1 are you saying that I won't have to mess with the EFI and have to get the tuner and remapping?

    Sorry, I a little confused and want to do this right.

    Thanks guys!
  5. glider

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    Adding a stage 1 (air cleaner) will only further lean out the factory lean mixture. They will self correct to a certain degree but only back to the lean condition that the factory has mapped them to do.

    Do yourself a favor and if you have no intentions to build the engine up, get the TFI that will add some fuel and even with just the air cleaner, the engine will run stronger and cooler.

    Read about it in this section.

    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related - Harley Davidson Community
  6. Chopper

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    skcm2006 like Glider said installing just the free breathing air will make the bike run leaner, causing a lean running condition for the engine, and does not give a large return in the performance department unless you do the exhaust with it, by doing the complete stage one (air cleaner, exhaust & tuning) you are allowing the engine to breath better, more flow coming into the engine and more flow leaving the engine, that's where the real performance gain comes from, it is the biggest bang for your buck you'll ever get in the performance department. In talking with Harley tech services back in Milwaukee at the factory and reading the screamin eagle air cleaner installation instructions, the 02 sensors on a Harley will compensate for a exhaust change in the fuel management department, but will not compensate for a free breathing air cleaner as I have copied and pasted below from the installation instructions. I'm also posting the S/E air cleaner install instruction for your bike below for your reading pleasure. If you're happy with the way your bike runs now, leave it alone, Harley knows what their doing, you can't build or buy a better motorcycle in the world, but if you want a gain in performance for two up riding or maybe just more power to climb hills, go ahead and have the stage 1 done, it's cheap horse power & torque. Hope I've explained everything clearly and have not muddied the waters for you in making any decisions about your ride. I have posted what I have learned over the years for you to take as you will, I'm not looking to debate any of what I have posted here or am saying I know more then anybody else, just putting out facts as I have learned them.

    Ride safe & enjoy the ride.

    View attachment Air Cleaner SE 2008 & later.pdf

    Recalibrate ECM - This refers to a HD stage 1 download, a fueler installed on the bike or the use of a tuner to recalibrate the ECM.

    You must recalibrate the ECM when installing this kit.

    Failure to properly recalibrate the ECM can result in severe

    engine damage.
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    When I built my stage 1 a year ago, I started with the TFI and Ness Big Sucker only as I couldn't decide on the pipes I liked. Just by adding the TFI and AC I felt a big difference in how the bike ran and performed.

    Once I found the pipes I liked, I put them on, adjusted the TFI and I was done. I could have ran stock pipes with just the TFI and AC or TFI alone for that matter.

    Ride safe and have fun.