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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by israguard, May 9, 2011.

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    I own the SMH10 with a couple of different booms and I love it. I ride with both a half helmet and a full helmet which is why I use different booms for the intercom. I can connect to my phone, my iPod and GPS if I so choose. The intercom is very easy to use when riding (tap the large button to talk) and the music stops while the intercom is in use. Easy to mount, easy to connect to power on the bike (battery life is about 6 hours without connecting), and easy to use. Hope this helps israguard.
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    My wife and I also use the Sena head sets and I have found them to be the best availible. We had blue ant which only last about four hours. The Sena unit have great sound quality and so far after two seasons hold a charge all day. You'll be glad you bought them!
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    I bought the Sena since I had read many post about the scala VOX not working unless you screamed into it. The Sena has VOX as an option but you can also over ride it by tapping the round control with your finger. So that sold me over the Scala. But I imagine both of them have improved since.

    We really need to start using ours more. Many times we leave out without even getting it.
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    I have been thinking about getting headsets for both rider to passenger and bike to bike communication and like the reviews I am seeing with these units. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say with using these units with ear buds vs the speakers.

    Wearing a half helmet I think this is the way I want to go but would like some input before making the purchase.
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    I have the SENA SMH10 and like some of the comments above I love it. It does everything I want except for CB Radio so I can't wait for the SR10 hub to be released which will allow the addition of your CB radio.

    Cheers Kym