Security System Issue?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by yankeerf, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Hi All, I have a 2004 FXDLI. Unfourtnatly it won't start. I turn the key, put it to run I hear the fuel pump kick on and all lights work, but nothing from the starter. I checked the batter it is >12.5 volts. I think it may be someting with the security system. Key fob and manual entry will not work. I tried the manual configuration listed in the owners' manual, but it is not responding to anything. I can't get turn signals to work, or four ways on. Any ideas?

    I forgot to mention, I pulled codes U1301 and U1255 from the bike. Not sure if this will help.
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    U1301 Serial Data Open/High EFI
    U1255 Serial Data Error/Missing Message TSM/TSSM

    It could be a bad connection in the system or try to remarry the TSSM if you have had anything apart.

    Marrying NEW TSM/TSSM To Bike (password relearn) - Harley Davidson Community

    One or the other should do it.