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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Pandora, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I have read many post looking for my solution. I just bought a 2006 street glide less than one week ago. On this beautiful Labor day wknd, my bike is sitting parked. Here is my problem;

    1. Bike is currently set on auto alarm.

    2. Lost key fob on the highway without knowing till stopping for gas.

    3. Second key fob does not work. Period. Tried 2 brand new 2032 batteries and followed owners manual for re-syncing.

    4. I am owner # 4. Contacted the guy I bought it from, owner # 3. He never used the system, only ever locked the forks. Had some service receipts from owner's # 2 and #1. Actually spoke with owner #1. When he sold the bike, he cleared the 5 digit pin for owner #2. Was never able to reach owner #2. Have no idea if this guy ever created a 5 digit pin.

    5. Had to get my bike towed home since security system was active. With all my research and reading my manual many times over, I need to have a WORKING key fob to deactivate system or know the 5 digit code.

    I tried to do the turn signal sequence to see what or if there is a code. I cannot change/create my pin unless system is deactivated.

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