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    I am considering buying a "Signature Series Seat with Rider Backrest - FLSTC Styling with Studs" from the HD dealer for my 2006 Heritage Classic. We have sat on one at the dealership on a used bike and my wife and I agree that's it is comfortable for both of us.
    Anyone have this seat and what advice could you give me, pro or con? It is a major investment
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    I bought a seat like that and hated it till I had a guy widen the front 2 inches, cut out the hard Harley foam and put in 2 layers of memory foam. It made a pretty good seat then. Nice deep bucket and I liked the adjustable backrest. Used it most of the summer and decided this winter I will take it back to the guy and have him widen it in the front so it's as wide as the factory seat and add another layer of memory foam. Then I think it will be perfect but $250 plus the cost of the seat.
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    A bit of advise look hard and long at mustang seats thats all i will ride on i tried corbin and a 2x4 is more comfortable. One of my dealers say they replace more factory seats than any other brand. I have studded solo with a back rest on my ultra and i love it.

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    I agree with you Smitty, what works for you may be all wrong for me.So many determining factors here, height, weight, riding position you like, one up two up. Only you're butt and back can tell you how good you're seat is for you.

    Personally I've got a Sundowner seat on my Heritage and love it. I've had it on there for 5 years and 40,000 and looks and feels just like the day I put it on.
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    Your observation that a seat is a major investment is can only imagine how many H-D riders have more than one seat lying in their garage for their rides. Funny thing, most will have one for solo and one for 2-up because the "needs" are different and each one has a different idea of what is "best".:newsmile020:

    I used a Sheepskin/Gel pillion pad that has vinyl coated metal hooks that attach easily to the 2-up great and inside of $100 and saves the leather seat from UV/weathering.:s
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    I know two people who have the signature series seats from HD and have said that if they had too do it over again they would go with Mustang. They as well as myself agree that the seat looks nice and does offer comfort for the back as it comes with the backrest but they have stated that it is not as comfortable as it looks. Complaints of leg numbing and it just being a hard seat. For the money they spent you would think it would be like riding on a nice pillow. After hearing their complaints I am looking at a mustang with backrest for the Misses Heritage.
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    I agree with NEWHD, seats are kind of like the great oil debate and the beat goes on
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    I had the stock Street Bob seat for awhile, looked comfortable, but after an hour I felt like I was riding a horse bareback.
    I bought the Mustang Wide Vintage 2up a few months back and love it. With this seat I sit on the bike instead of straddle the bike.
    I'm pretty sure you can get this model with the backrest too.
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    I like the Mustang seats and sissy bar pad.



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    A bit of advise look hard and long at mustang seats they are the best for me.
    use on my fat boy is gives a very confortable ride.many models to choose from and looks grate.