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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by brockjohnny, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. brockjohnny

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    Just bought a 2010 Street Glide. I am about 6 foot tall but my inseam is about 30". Does reach seat get you lower and closer than sundowner seat? Also struggling with wind as I sit very tall and can hardly hear radio.
  2. Merlynn

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    gonna jump on this thread as it is similar to the question I have. I'm interested in the reach seat also but want to know does anyone make an equivalent seat that is more comfortable? had a sundowner on my sporty and a mustang on my RK. Now looking for a more comfortable seat for my 90 UC that will also sit me lower and a tad forward...
  3. JJDH

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    i have a 2010 street glide also,,, imho i didnt like the reach seat since it pushes you forward, so i installed the lowering springs in the forks, 1" lower. also i took my dremel and cut the feet off the bottom of the seat, that also lowered almost another inch. so im almost flat footed..
  4. lowriderfrf

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    My Lowrider came with a reach seat that was so uncomfortable that I stopped at the dealership and ordered a sundowner before I even got home from the seller's house. A reach seat is a real problem with mid-controls.

    In the end I went to forward controls with the sundowner and ride all day with few stops and no aches.
  5. PigSnot

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    According to the specs, the reach seat does push you forward and lower about 1.5 inch (the '97-'07 models) compared to stock. It seems the 1.5 inch is taken from the front seat pan length, and the seat starts the rise towards the tank too soon. A bit like sitting in a belt swing sideways. Otherwise I like the seat just fine, and the 1.5 inch lower is nice.
    The reach seat was chosen to offer the passenger more room to move forward and avoid back of leg touching rear crash bar. The rear seat pan seems to get the extra 1.5 inch.
  6. Doug_09ultra

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    I have the reach seat on my ultra and I love it. I have stubby little legs (28-1/2" inseam) and it was just what the doctor ordered. It moves you forward slightly and lowers you about 1" but you get the extra lowering effect because the front of the seat is narrower than the stock seat. Also I added the fully adjustable back rest which is worth it's weight in gold.
    The reach seat allowed me to flat-foot without lowering the suspension.