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    Can you use the new Screamin' Eagle oil pump upgrade kit I think the part #c is 25282-08 on a 2004 twin cam with a gear drive? I hear all you have to do it block off the passages where the oil flows to the hydraulic tensioners and it is a great way to upgrade the oiling system and prevent sumping...all help is appreciated,Ben

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    That makes sense to me but make sure your cams ends fit the cam-plate.. The cam-plate and oil pump fit together so I'd give a thumbs up..

    Let us know what you do.

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    Pretty sure 25282-08 has been discontinued; not sure it is a valiid PN. H-D used to offer a billet plate replacement for the '99-'06 models but pulled it off the market about 3 years back; i think the PN was 25232-07 but not sure; I have one in my parts bin. H-D discontinued it just before coming out with the original SE "Hybrid" kit, PN 25284-08 which, I believe has also now been discontinued. You might find either on Ebay if you are lucky.

    The PN that has replaced the 25284-08 piece is PN 25284-11. A "hybrid" conversion kit; not just the cam plate but has all the other parts to allow converting to hydraulic tensioners, high flow pump and outer roller chain. So, you could use that plate, block off the oil passage to the tensioners, (although I don't think it would matter) and run gear drive early cams.

    You could upgrade to PN 25282-11, a billet cam plate with the second generation oil pump with even higher flow and scavenging than the first upgraded oil pump. You could block off the oil passages to the tensioner and run gear drive cams but the cams would have to be conversion cams.

    The only other option would be an aftermarket billet cam plate like the R&R, Delkron of Fueling unit.

    IMHO, the OEM cast plate is quite adequate for gear drive cams; running a set in my 95" Deuce with OEM cam plate with no issues. I would run the OEM cam plate and install the Baisley LMR-002 oil pressure spring.

    There may be another alternative but I can't come up with it at the moment.