SE 204 cams

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by Stevo4204, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Stevo4204

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    We have an 09 FXDB. Looking at installing SE 204 cams, SE heavy breather and SERT. This is my wifes bike, she wants a bit more performance along with the camed HD sound. Anyone out there tried these cams? If so, how did they work?
  2. Chopper

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    I have not used the 204 in the newer 96'' motors, I always liked the 255 for a street cam, the torque is through the roof, in a lighter bike the 204's would be alright, I sure others will ring in on this that are running the 204 and give you better input. The heavy breather & sest are top of the line, be careful, your wife could end up being faster then you, nothing wrong with that, but then you just have to put more $$$ in your own bike:) good luck on the build
  3. jesse_the_kid

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    I have used the se-204 in different bikes, I have had good success. I currently have 204's in my Road King and they made a very nice improvement. Stock 88ci, air cleaner, exhaust and pcIII. Bike pulls hard all the way from idle, though the whole rpm range. I recommend them based on my personal experiance. Just my .02's.