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  1. kemo

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    I have an EZjust carb mixture screw. On my trip to Florida I checked the bike when I stopped for fuel and saw the screw laying on the engine case. The spring and washer are laying some where on I75. The o ring is still in the carb so I stopped in at a shop here and talked to tech who gave me what I needed.

    Has anyone else ever lost their mixture screw. I have thought about putting some nail polish on the screw to bind it in.
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    The tension on the screw should hold it in place without a problem. Possible the screw was out too far and that's why it fell out. It shouldn't be much more then 2-3 turns open. If it was open more than that to get the proper adjustment, the slow jet is too small. It should be about a #45-46
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    I think nail polish and gasoline don't really work all that well, the gas just eats it up, if you MUST and SMALL amount of non harding Permatex gasket cement.....
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    Screw was set at 2 1/4 turns. The new spring seems to have more tension.
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    If you did not replace the original Idle Mixture Adjustment Screw with the EZjust carb mixture screw yourself, it is possible that the original spring might have been used. The original screw would have been much lighter and not require as much spring pressure to "freeze" it in place. With the thumb-finger adjustment head on the replacement screw, a stiffer spring would be called for.

    Check this out for some good info:

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