scorpio alarm ignition disable where to cut ?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by roundi, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. roundi

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    I have a 2008 Fatboy.
    I want to install the ignition disable of the scorpio alarm, the i900 model.

    The scorpio manual says that I need to cut a wire of the ignition control and I have 5 options:
    1- Positive lead wire on fuel pump
    2- Positive lead wire on fuel injection system
    3- Positive wire that goes to the ignition fuse box.
    4- Ground Wire from ignition module
    5- Positive wire from ignition module to ignition coil.

    The question is:
    Which is the best option and where are these wires located?

    PS:Talking to my HD dealer, he told me that he should remove the tank in order to access these wires, is that true ??

    Thank you for your help.
  2. glider

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    I wouldn't cut any wires in the harness because you would hear the "voided warranty song" then.

    I would pick the #1 choice you posted but try to remove the wire from the connector and go that route instead of cutting it. This way it can always be reversed with no modifications to the harness.
  3. roundi

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    Where is this wire located ? Thanks.
  4. glider

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    Have to locate where it comes out of the tank and look it up in your service manual.
  5. bikerdad

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    I just installed the same alarm and am very happy with it. I used option 2 (Positive lead wire on fuel injection system) for my fuel injected Road King Classic. I mounted the alarm under the seat and found the wire coming right down from under the tank. It was yellow and green striped just like my service manual showed. It had an in-line connector right there on that wire only, so I could disconnect it with no cutting. Worked great! Leaving for a week long shoreline ride this Saturday and now I will sleep better.
  6. roundi

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    Do you know if I can install the scorpio alarm module at the same place of the HD alam Siren II alarm ? Does it fit ?
    Did anyone install this alarm on a Softail, where is it best place to install it ? Thanks
  7. jody7734

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    FYI, the positive lead wire for the fuel pump on an '09 touring bike is Orange/grey. This is where I wired my ignition kill.
  8. RibEye

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    Scorpio recommended to me to put the break in the ignition power, as it comes out of the fuse block (comes from keyswitch in IGN position). This wire is grey (at least for my '03 Road King). I did not use the crimp-on butt splices, due to their unverifiable crimp (even with the proper tool). This is a super critical place to have good contact. Instead, I used twisted and soldered splices, with shrink sleeving.

    By the way, the hardest part of the installation was finding good places for all the components, and study of all the parts, to reverse engineer their works and proper application and wiring. I have an HD brake/run/turn module, which plugs into the same place as the OEM wiring harness for the alarm. Since the brake/run/turn module puts some power to the turn signals while the ignition is on, and the alarm uses the turn signals to set and use the personal override code, and that could interfere with clean code overriding, I made sure that the bike's main harness plugged into the alarm 1st, which then plugged into the brake/run/turn module, then to the tail end. I was a bit concerned about the brake/run/turn module interfering with rear turn signal flashing with ignition off, but there was no problem in that area.

    I just installed the system, so I have not actually set and tested the personal override code. I will post an update when I know if my thnking was correct.

    If interested, I can post a series of pics showing where everything went, and how I routed the wires, and spliced the ignition break...

    Rich P