Scary Ride this morning

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    I was riding up the interstate this morning running about 75 - 80. I was in the left hand lane and all of a sudden a lady in her car cuts over from the center lane. No turn signal or anything. She missed my front tire by about a foot and a half at the most. As soon as she got in front of me she slowed down. I layed down on the horn. She goes to looking around like a deer in the headlights. When she notices me she slows down even more and turns her turn signal on and slowly goes back over into the middle lane. Everyone be careful out there and watch out for the others because they are not watching for us. Ride safe!
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    Good thing you were paying attention!

    Maybe you better stick to that lovely, scenic Highway 41 we were talking about!
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    I love to ride 41 but have had more people pull out in front of me on 41 then I have on 75. I rode 41 the whole way home from work Friday (Macon down to Ashburn). Man that is a good ride.
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    Good God, Glad your ok and she missed you. I had that happen the other day and she didn't see me or hear me cause I run stock exhaust but thank god for my quick reaction and the air horns that woke her up and got her back in her lane. Now lately I try to hurry past cars that I think might do same. You just gotta assume that they are gonna do it and drive accordingly. Sure makes the ride exciting huh?:small3d026:
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    I have ridden behind cars and placed myself right where I can see them in their mirror and I know they should be able to see me in their mirror. The problem is, a lot of people don't use their mirror until after their halfway over if at all. About all you can do is watch out for yourself and try to stay way in front of or way behind those cage drivers who are driving unpredictably.
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    A few years back I almost hit a guy on the highway. I just did not see him till the last second and then went back to my lane. He was (edit), but I just waved and gave him the sorry look. I myself do not rely on mirrors in a truck or car to change lanes. I always check the mirror and then I turn my head and look out the front and back windows and then switch lanes, I do the same thing when I am a passenger. Doing this maybe saved that bikers life that sunny day. I wish more people drove this way.

    Irish Hog--:newsmile073:
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