saddlebag is dead...R.I.P

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Handlebarmike, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Handlebarmike

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    I got an '09 SG, in pewter pearl w/1300 mi. on it.
    so running down the interstate(I-94) near Gary, Indiana,
    the right side bag decides to leave me.... then gets run over.
    (Lots of 18 wheelers out there on the road)
    By the time that I got stopped to salvage anything, the bag and contents were history.
    Nothing was left to salvage...and if there was , I couldn't get to it because of traffic.

    So whoever uses touring hard bags with stock clips...
    trash the (EDIT) clip setup and bolt them on.

    Now starts the process of trying to find another right side bag.
    Any help on locating a touring right side bag is appreciated...
    Respects, HBM

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  2. sgt_1230

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    I feel for you and know you feel right now. When I got my wife's 07 CVO Ultra out this spring, I lost the left side saddlebag and determined it was the front spring clip was bad and the bag fell off. I hand the stereo up and was only going 50 or so and never even heard it. I can tell if you are going to get a new bag from HD, it is expensive. Almost $1500 to replace the bag on my wife's bike. Good thing for insurance.
  3. Scrounger

    Scrounger Active Member

    Every single time I hear a story like this I think, should I replace the pins with a bolt. I seem to have the bags on and off a lot so that actually puts more stress on the pin and wire.

    Has anyone figured out a quick to don and doff solution that is not bolted on?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    HandlebarMike, welcome to HDTalking and your first post, sorry it was about such a negative experience. While there will be plenty of other riders to way in, you may want to get familiar with some of the tools to help. The Self Help Tips tab will get you to get some quick info on how to do repairs or routine maintenance better. I also use the Search tab, typing in keywords and found this thread about others have found the mounting clip and pins setup to be less than steller...
  5. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Latus HD in Portland OR. has a salvage division (not at actual dealership). I talked to them a few weeks ago and they had a complete set of bags for 400 bucks. So call them cause they have lots of salvage stuff. I got a fairing cheap too (100). Hope that helps.
  6. mark72

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    Ebay has several bags on it right now. Mark72
  7. jaceddie

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    Welcome to the forum and sorry about your bag. As stated above, ebay is a good place to start.

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    Sorry about your bag. My bags are 25 years old. This winter I switched out the clips and bolted them on because they are starting to rattle too much. I'm using 5/16 bolts with Fender washers and placed the nuts inside the bags - Bob
  9. ironmark

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    Sorry to hear about the bag coming off and getting destroyed . Alot of riders like to have the clean look on the SG but a set of saddlebag guard rails keep the saddlebag on the bike even if the pins fail and you will still be able to easily remove the bags for cleaning and maintenance , I always carry a spare set of pins on my bike .
  10. Jack Klarich

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    That is `terrible sorry to hear this. I changed all my baggers over to bolts. I used tinnerman nuts in the original brackets with 5/16 bolts fender washers and a rubber washer, never had a bag come off again and if you forget to lock them no one without a wrench is going to steal them