S&S 50th

Discussion in 'Events' started by roonster, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Just wondering,
    My wife and I stumbled into the S&S 50th anniversary bash in Lacrosse last summer. We were actually there to visit my sister and her family and the whole town was packed to the rafters. So we spent one day at the October fest grounds. We stood in line with everyone else to meet the OCC guys. Got my pic with Paul sr.
    As we are leaving we run into my nephew and his family out on the street, he works for S&S and we go back in and party with them for a while. I thought it was a great time. A lot of bike builders there.
    Was anyone else there, and what did ya think.

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    Was there. Meet Jesse James. Had great time, till we lost one of our guys in an accident on Sunday morning.