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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Two Lane Tramp, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Hello touring, my first post after buying a 2015 Road Glide. Absolutely love it. I already installed an Arlen Ness Slot Track Big Sucker air cleaner and it really came alive. The exhaust is next to get rid of the cat. I am torn between the Rush 7017 ceramic head true duel or the Rush Rec17 that uses the OEM heat shields and costs about half. It does not use the ceramic and is 18 gauge instead of the 7017 16 gauge. I would appreciate any input. Is it really worth another 400 bucks and does the ceramic really run that much cooler?
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    If you are considering the RushRec17, why spend $320, plus shipping when you can have the cat removed from your head pipe for about $100? Save the money and invest the savings in a fuel management system, like the TTS Mastertune or the DynoJet Powervision and a good dyno tune. A complete Stage I upgrade with a good tune will net about 10TQ/10HP, maybe a bit more depending on the tune and the bike will run better and cooler. If you are not planning on headwork, cams, more displacement and/or more compression, remove the cat, install a good fuel management system, tune and ride.:coffee

    If you want ceramic coating, send your decatted head pipe to Performance Coatings and for about $150, you can have it ceramic coated.
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    Just for what it is worth from an old guy [83], I removed the cat on my 2012 limited and installed an RC Accelerator tuner heat problems and it runs just great!!