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    I know there were discussions about bikes sweating sitting on concrete floors. I was told today by a HD service manager that I should put a rubber mat under the bike to keep the condensation off. I park my bike under a covered driveway with my cover on it (with 4 locks and the security system :s), not in a garage. I have never seen my bike "sweat or drip" as what some have referred to. Now I have seen to where it looks "fogged up" on the surface. Has any one done/tried using a rubber mat on concrete for this purpose?
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    I bought my bike last month and they told me to park it on a rubber mat or a carpet with a rubber backing. My bike is in an enclosed garage.

    I use two 2 X 6 foot carpet runners end to end for this purpose.

    We do a lot of motorhoming and we told a long time ago to place a vapor barrier under the tires when it is parked for extended periods on concrete. We have an rv garage with cement floors and I put the heavy plastic runners under all the tires when it is stored for the winter. They say the tires can absorb moisture from the concrete that will deteriorate them. I have no idea if it is true but I won't take any chances. It is easy to do and could prevent a real problem from occurring.
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    It is true,the lime in the concrete draws the oils out of the tires making them brittle and cracking them. The sun will do the same thing.
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    I agree I keep my bike on carpet with a rubber backing.I have never had any problems and as stated in a few other threads it has been plenty cold up here in Wisc.
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    And I'm sure the dealers sell authentic HD rubber mats for, hmmmm let me guess, around $100! :D
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    You got it Doc. HD = $100
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    I use a piece of 6 x 12 indoor outdoor carpet that we use when r ving, it has the rubber backing on it, seems to work good on the cement floor..:D
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    Have always used a Dehumidifier in garage mainly when temps warm up and the place sweats,its great keeps tools dry bike dry concrete dry
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    I heard the same thing from the Dealer -- carpet under the bike. I have my eye on a nice little runner for 9.99 at Bed Bath and BEYOND.

    I have also ridden my bike to see condensation build up on the spedometer making it difficult to read.

    But once the bike and the ambient temps are the same, doesn't seem to be an issue.
  10. whiterider

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    I would have to see the Mythbusters test this out before I would believe it.

    Wouldn't sealing the concrete with a floor paint do the same thing? Or does paint have a bad ingredient absorbed by the tires? Sure a good reason to have your bike on the road and out of the garage. :s

    BTW my bike spends 9 hours a day parked on concrete outside my work. I would be ridiculed if I put a mat under her. I might as well book a room in a motel for her - it would be more discrete!

    **Now where where did I put that mat that came with the HD Paint Sunblock lotion that was on special at $69.96 a bottle
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