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    hi fellas n girls.
    my 95 sporty s is my first harley, seat of pants tells me 5ooo is about as high as comfortable to rev when having a bit of a go. whats the go? is that about right for a 1200 with non standard carby and ign module, drag pipes. she has a few miles on the speedo, about 30,000. thanks for any tips guys. great site also.
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    5,000 rpm is something you probably do not want see all the time. My 2008 Electra red lines at 5,000 and the rev limiter kicks in. Thats running the bike pretty hard. IMO
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    Hi Rascal
    Your sporty has 3 things going for it compared to an EVO BT:
    Shorter stroke (3.8125 vs. 4.25) means lower piston speed = higher rpm potential
    4 cams means (much) more optimal pushrod angle = higher power/rpm potential
    Light weight, in particular the non-rubber mounts

    As I recall it, the stock ignition module had 6000 rpm limit, while the common mod SE modules had either 6500 or 7000 rpm limit. 7000 is probably stretching it, but get a new cam - like the Andrews N4
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    I completely agree with Hobbit on this. I have the SE selectable ignition and the rev from the factory on this ignition is 6500. I will never see 6500. If I do, it will not be for a sustained period. 5000 is a good place to be, especially with that many miles on it, best not to push the engine as much as possible.
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    thanks, it just feels/sounds right to self redline at 5thou, has the SE ign and carby. also in australia 98 ron fuel is available most towns so that helps in the rev/ign area.