Royal Purple 220

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by titan307, Jul 31, 2012.

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    i read most people like to use either a 75-90 oil or a 75-140 in the tranny. my work uses the royal purple 220 weight. it is a food grade synthetic oil and has been filtered to the nth degree. I can thin it down with some 30 wght if need be.

    We use it in our high speed bearings and all our gear sets. it is clear and even when we drain it out after about 90 days or longer you can still see thru it. the machines all run 24/7 365 in temps exceeding 265*c.

    Dont want to use if it might be too thick. it actually flows easier than a 90 wght oil maybe becasue it is synthetic.
  2. ironmark

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    I use Mobil 1 75/90 gear lube in the winter and 75/140 in the summer. The 75/90 is about $9 a qt which is not bad the 75/140 is around $17 a qt. I would think that using the royal purple that you have at work and thinning it out would give you a unpredictable oil viscosity.
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    I use royal purple 75/90 in my baker OD6. Shifts smoother and quieter.
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    I use the royal 75w-140, and think it works great, I would give it a shot with the 220, I don't think it will be too thick at all, and since you can get ahold of it relatively cheap ( Iwould think) you can always drain it out and go a different way.