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    I am looking for some help on a route to sturgis. I live in the Atlanta area I have not been there yet and I am going in a few weeks with my step son. We have six days to do this trip, time is tight and what I'm looking to do is make a circle from Atlanta out there and back,( if that makes any sense ) We will do camping every other day and hotel on the other days, I want to ride through sturgis and hit mount rushmore and dead wood, any help would be great thanks.
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    When you go to Rushmore, get there early, the admission is free but you have to pay for parking. The parking is limited so if there are no open spaces, you have to wait. Do the walking tour of Rushmore and when you leave take the Needles down. At the bottom, there is a cut across that you can take to go up the other side. You will have to pay like $6.00 for admission to the wildlife park (which is further south) Not really my cup of tea so we just took the cut over and went up the other side.
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    6 days total or 6 days each way?
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    I had the same question Redfish-Joe. Six days from Atlanta to Sturgis and back with time being tight doesn't leave much room for unexpected contingencies. Mr. Murphy is always lurking close by. Chuck60, if this a six day total trip I think the best you can hope for is to get on the interstates and knock out over 500 miles a day to get there, take a picture and head back. Keep us posted!
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    6 days total.It's about 1542 miles from Atlanta, I plan on 800 miles the first day. I am hoping 2 days to get there 2 days to ride around and 2 days back. but I still need help with a route.
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    I'm unclear if you want to know how to get there and back, or if you want two different itineraries. Like others said, 6 days total means you're gonna have to "beat feet" on the road. Here's a link you can try. A few minutes experimenting, and it's pretty easy to use. You can just click on points, and it will figure out the roads. There's also an option to "avoid highways", but I don't think you will have that option. After the first 800 mile day, you will reconsider your goals.
    Good luck and have a safe ride.
    Note: I'm old, and my daily ride goals may be significantly less than you are capable of.:laugh
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    I have done the trip in two days from dfw area but that is only 1100 miles or so,from hotlanta? You trying to get an iron rider pin? Too many things can slow you down heavy rain etc. good luck stay safe...
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    My buddy rides from Rainsville, Alabama. We are about 150 miles from you in Atlanta. He rode last year and is going back this year. you could ride with him, he usally takes a day and a half to get there. last year he rode 1000 mi the first day then on in to Sturgis the next day. He comes back the same way. Most of the time he rides a hard tail chopper, last year he rode his RG. Don't know what he will ride this year.
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    Your decision, of course, but I don't think it's a good idea. Anytime you're forcing yourself to do xxx number of miles a day, you're certain to run into bad weather or construction or something else to mess up your plans. Then you start pushing yourself and fatigue becomes a factor. Just not safe or enjoyable IMHO!

    Why not pick something a lot closer and really enjoy the ride and your time together. Maggie Valley, Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway, NW Arkansas, Key West, Milwaukee and the HD Museum - there are all easily doable in 6 days.

    If you do decide you must head for Sturgis, make sure your bikes are prepared for that kind of trip, have excellent rain gear for yourselves, and stay hydrated along with getting as much rest as possible.

    Let us know what you decide and how it goes!

    Oh - what part of Atlanta do you live in??? Never mind - did a bit of research and saw you lived over in Snellville,