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    Roundabouts I really hate them now. Stopped at the yield sign waiting for a chance to go, an (EDIT) rear-ends my new 2010 FLHR & me at 35 mph (1 good thing for him is he had insurance). It takes all I got just to keep her from going down.

    Tried to move bike after, I put her in first & all she does is lung forward. Rear finder & taillight smashed. Left tail pipe pushed forward hope head is not cracked & swing arm not bent. Left saddlebag ripped off. I really cannot tell if anything else is damaged.

    Backed tweaked, left wrist & ankle soar as Hades.

    I am alive & the bike will be fixed some day soon I hope, I am loosing out on the riding season at the moment.

    All I can say is why cannot people pay attention it is not like I am a small spot on the road 6’ 1” 300 lbs on a red bike.

    People wonder why I fill sick about my bike she is my pride & joy. When I called my wife to tell her, her first thought was please tell me you were driving your car. She said you could see tears start form in her eyes.

    Please read this...
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    Sorry to hear about your mishap, Big1. Glad to hear that you came out of it with only minor injuries. It could have been so much worse.
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    Glad that you're OK. Sorry about the bike, but that can be fixed. It could have been a lot worse. Some people just don't "see" motorcycles on the road. I had one pull out in front of me from a stop sign just the other day right after I saw him looking in my direction. Had to lock my brakes to keep from hitting him. I'm sure there's a reason for it, but I just don't get how you can not see something like a big bike when you're looking right at it.
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    There has been roundabouts on our roads since i have been driving so i am used to them but some drivers do not know how to use them correctly and that can make things a wee bit difficult at times
    in some places they have put lights on the roundabouts sort of defeats the purpose of the roundabout

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    I have a round-about about a mile up the road. It really bugs me when they don't see you in the round-about, but it really gets me angry when they see you in the roundabout and they race to get in the round-about in front of you!:newsmile055:
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    Definitely interesting addition to any hwy - ran into some "new" ones on trip to Minneapolis thet weren't thre last time...thought I was in Europe for a minute. Glad your OK & not to worry - bike will get fixed. Keep your head up & push the insurance reps to get things rolling.
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    Man you are very lucky, glad you weren't hurt worse, and just for the record I hate them too!
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    Big1; Glad you are for the most part ok. I'm sure you have been around the block, but remember, DO NOT accept the estimate or check the ins. co. hands you. Get the bike thoroughly examined by a motorcycle shop. There's so much hidden damage possibilities. The ins. co's know a quick check in hand saves them $$.
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    Be thankfull you dont live here in Plymouth on the wet side of the pond...we got ALL kinds of roundabouts,mini ones(all over our roads like a rash)and big ones with lights,without lights,and not just on the approach niether..some moron thought to put the darn things ON the roundabouts,and would you believe it,now we got traffic backing up on them,and on the approaches,and god knows how many red light jumpers(cant blame them,we got so many traffic lights in stupid places you just get plain fed up with the stop-start palava the whole time and try to squeeze on to the que at the next set).The only good thing the highways people have done to our roads,is allowing bikes to use the bus lanes,then you only have to deal with the moronic 'this is my road" attitude of the Taxi's
    Anyway,glad you came out ok,your bike will get sorted.Take care out there everybody,I swear they're out to kill us!!
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    They have them all over here and what bad most are 3 lanes each. The trouble with that is the guy in the inside line has the right away, so if he wants to go around then come out to the right he cuts in front of the other two lanes you better let you need 4 eyes to drive...stupid people!