Rotten people out there

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    I'm in the process of editing a book for a friend. He was a missionary in South America in the late 1960s and 1970s, during the activities then referred to "Liberation Theology." This book is about his experiences.

    He has a publisher lined up and is under some time pressure as this book is to be available at the Order's reunion next spring. His writing is very good but since English is not his first language, I've been editing the spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and related. Four chapters are done and he is progressing well on the fifth and final one.

    He called last night. Someone had been watching his schedule so knew when he would be gone, and broke into his house. Among the stolen items was his computer, backup hard drive, and flash drive, all of which contained his manuscript. He's left with his handwritten notes, and called to be sure we have all the earlier work.

    We do, and can transfer everything back, once he gets another computer. We've offered the loan of our old computer and have made sure we have manuscript backups in multiple places, just in case. He can replace and rebuild, but why should he have to.

    There are some rotten people out there.
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    Unreal some one could be so mean spirited
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    Sad part is that these people get access to some personal info they will take a lot more than the computor.
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    There are people out there that will steal almost anything as long as it gives them enough money for their next fix and they are not at all concerned about the effect on the victim

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    Article in the local paper about an arrest for a convenience store clerk's killing. Said the shooter had been arrested 17 times since 2008. Why was he still on the street? How many crimes did he NOT get arrested for? I like Tanks reference to the old west ways.
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    Hopefully the thief will get his just reward for the damage he has caused your friend. It is great you are able to help him out.
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    Charlie Daniels said it best. "Take a short piece of rope and a tall tree."
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    Bad people in Canada too.

    So my father is quite old and forgetful, so much so that he forgot to pay his phone and TV bills. After hours of work on the horn and a few bucks, we hooked him back up and as a bonus bought him a new HD flat screen. He lives alone in a trailer park. The very next day someone broke into his trailer and stole the TV. Who the (EDIT) does this?

    Please read this...
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    The conspirator theorist in me can't help wondering if there's anything in his book that someone doesn't want published.