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    1546 miles, 4 states, 5 great friends, but no value in the HD mothership HOG event called the “battle cry”. $425 per person, and we got a $20 shirt.. a $5 hat, $3 worth of cheap tin coins to advertize HOG. Rider planner had errors. No evening events, dealerships did more than MOCO to make folks feel welcome. 150th anniversary of the Civil War… 1 event offered on the ride….. One location listed has not been open in 20 years (civil war museum in Salisbury NC) kind of makes me think the planners never rode the ride. This will be my last Harley national ride, they cleared over 120K off us and did nothing …… could have planned a better event over morning coffee. BUT….. 6 days away from the rat race, 1546 miles or blue ridge, dragon, great smokey mtn, cherohala, and skyline drive on the way home…. Outstanding……
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    Hog's become a big business now and has forgotten about the riders/members who made it what it is!!:small3d002:
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    Wow - I've never attended an actual HOG event and posts like yours make me glad I haven't. It does kind of seem like HOG is mostly concerned with "bling" these days - pins, magazines, etc.
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    Sorry to hear about the lousy deal on the money you spent, we have been involved with HOG at our local dealer for about three years now and have attended our state rally twice. Nothing but great things to say about our local chapter. At least your ride was something to talk about, glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure about the national HOG stuff, so I can't say much about it, but we've met some great friends and had a bunch of great rides too. Leaving on the 13th for Key West and Daytona. Hope you don't judge all of HOG by the results you got, although I couldn't blame you after losing that much money, better luck in the future, Flat.
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    Local HOG Chapter and State HOG events have always been great and we look forward to more of them in the future. The high points on this "battle Cry" ride were times when HOG chapters stepped up to welcome, give directions, act as parking directors,etc. This was a National sponsored event staff planned / run..... we will never return to anything listed above state level.....
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    This may be why they NO longer offer LIFE memberships, they can make more money now TOO bad, they started out with good intentions