Roads to PCB from Birmingham for ThunderBeach?

Discussion in 'South East' started by ChiroRick, Apr 4, 2012.

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    The wife and I are planning a trip to PCB, FL for Thunder Beach. We'll be leaving EARLY on the 3rd, and coming back on the 6th. I'm riding my Dyna, and the wife will be driving the SUV. The route from my place takes me about 80 miles of interstate until I hit montgomery, where I pickup HWY 9/281, then HWY 87, then HWY 81 to 79 into PCB. I'm wondering what type of roads I'll be on after I get off the interstate. I am hoping it isn't all backroads (as in 2 lane 45mph roads). I like backroads, but I want to make good time. I'm under the assumption that it is a 4 lane road, kinda like HWY 280 (if you are familiar with Central Alabama, you know 280).

    I'm sure there's some riders on here who head down through Birmingham to PCB that are familiar with the roads that can give me a good idea of what to expect. I'm hoping to be out the door as the sun comes up, and make it to PCB by lunchtime. Looks like it will be a 5 hour trip, minus gas/bathroom stops.
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    Have you tried your State DOT web site? I bet they could give you info on the roads, Have a good time ans Welcome to the sunshine state, Bring sun screen it has been Sunny and HOT here :s
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    I did check the DOT site, no help there. I've also done the satellite view on Google Maps, but it doesn't zoom in enough to allow me to determine how many lanes.

    I'm sure someone from the area will chime in soon...
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    Hwy 87 is mostly 2 lane, I believe the mph is 50, it's been awhile since I've ridden it, but it was in good shape. Don't know about 81 or 79. Have a good trip!
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    If you like backroads, you picked the correct route! A faster route might be to take hwy 231(4-lane) out of Montgomery all the way through Dothan on into Campbellton, Florida. Then Hwy 273 (2-lane) to Chipley, FL, and finally Hwy 77 to PCB. I live in Enterprise, AL and I take HWY 167 into FL then HWY 79 to Laguan Beach (just a few miles west of PCB) then beachfront road down to PCB. It takes me about an hour and 45 min. to get there from my house. Good Luck!