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    HELLO TO ALL U GUYS.... we're needing help picking parts for my rearended roadking,,,that adjuster is saying not gonna pay for crazy price of the new bags...sent her 2 estimates from 2 ft.laud fl dealers, but they dont wanta pay that crazy price to pyt my bike back to before accident.. its got no lien, they should send the revised estimates for partd; BUT HAS BEEN 2 MONTHS W/ NO RIDING!! PLEASE ADVISE.. CRAIG

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  2. toocraig

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    WE DESPERATELY NEED ADVISE ON how to get check from lib mutual_ fighting...title is clear/ paid in full, the actual shop is not invovled in insur estimate.I NEED CHECK TO RERPAIR AFTER wainting 2 months..cant they send me check, i cash, take to my shop, and they fight about supplements.? HELP
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  3. hillbilly81

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    It is the law they have to put your bike back in original shape using quality factory parts...sounds like you may need to scare them with a lawyer adjusters hate that word
  4. RibEye

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    Get yourself an attorney that specializes in making insurance companies do what they undertook to do. Make sure you have a good copy of your policy and coverage statement. Many attorneys do an initial consultation at no cost, and some will forego fees until they win. You will still have to pay costs as you go along, but not fees. It is called "contingency fee basis."

    Good luck,
    Rich P
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Read your policy first, what does it say? You may try a call to the insurance commissioner. My policy states only factory replacement parts, how ever I did wait 16 weeks for my sheet metal because of the paint color, also my insurance covers a rental vehicle free good luck
  6. glazier

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    Are you dealing with your insurance company, or the person's insurance company that rear ended you? If you're dealing with the other person's, you may want to get your company involved. You'd file a claim with your insurance provider, and they go after the other company. Although if you go this route, you might have to pay the deductible until it's all settled. You can also go after the person who hit you, since they are responsible. Then its between him/her and their insurance company. If all else fails, get a lawyer that handles these types of claims. Insurance and the laws vary from state to state. Not sure where you're at, but I'd get my insurance company involved and let them deal with it. Thats why we pay the big bucks for insurance. Make them earn that $$$$$$.
    Good luck :D
  7. stray dog

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    If someone else is at fault, lawyer up.

    I don't always like doing things like this but I learned the hard way. You almost have to in order to protect yourself these days. Unfortunate but....
  8. 03ultra45385

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    Is this your insurance company or there's? If it is there's your insurance agent should be more than happy to aid and assist in getting your claim settled. If it is your insurance company I don't know what to advise.