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    Ok, here's the problem (opportunity). I have vacation coming up in about 2months, the better half and I are planning on taking a road trip 2up on the bagger.
    After reading the posts on road trips, I am salivating over the concept but here's the opportunity! Looking at traveling toward the north, will probably go up and do the dragon as I haven't had that opportunity as of yet, but from there should I go toward Tennasee (spelling bites), Virginia/W. Virginia or over toward Louisana and New Orleans.

    Looking for a liesurely trip with no real time lines or have to be somewhere but with an experience not soon forgotton. Any advise will be greatly appreciated so we can really begin planning this one.
    For those of you currently on road trips, keep us posted as it's only wettin the appitite for this trip all the more.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    If you're looking for a leisurely trip after wearing yourself out doing the Dragon two up, I'd consider several options:

    1. Cherohala Skyway - close to the Dragon and a very nice ride
    2. Blue Ridge Parkway - easy on/off from the Dragon area and you can ride as much or as little as you want
    3. Natchez Trace - starts outside of Nashville so you'd have to ride a ways to get to it but I've heard it's really nice
  3. Backroad Rider

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    Dr. D, judging from your response, would you perhaps feel that 2up on the tail is not the brightest idea I've ever had?
    And please, understand no offense taken, as I've stated never riden it so don't really know what to expect. Hense the reason for beginning plans this far in advance.
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  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Everyone feels differently about the Dragon so you probably have to go experience it for yourself. IMHO, it's a better road for the sport bikes and Miata's of the world. I did it once and was so focused on the centerline of the road I don't think I saw a single tree! Might be different if I went and did it again. There are several problems/challenges to riding this stretch of road:

    1. You start off intending to "ride your own ride" but then peer pressure overwhelms you and you speed up to keep someone off your rear

    2. Other riders can be absolute idiots and literally endanger your life. They will wander over the centerline without a second thought or pass you in your own lane with 20 or 30 MPH of overtake

    3. Occasionally an 18 wheeler looks at his map and decides it would be a great short cut, ignoring all signs to the contrary. They quite simply cannot navigate the turns without using BOTH lanes

    If you're going to do it, try to do it early in the day on a weekday to minimize traffic threats. Ride your own pace and spend just as much time in the rearview mirror looking for kamikazi's as you do looking forward.

    This is an interesting read if you have time:

    Tail of the Dragon Overrated? - Harley Davidson Community

    Let us know what you decide and how the trip goes!
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    I totally agree with Dr. Doolittle's post. I have ridden the dragon more than 20 times in the past (but never with a passenger). I was just there the first week in May, and did not ride it because it was Saturday. The Cherohalla Parkway is a beautiful ride, with nice curves and riders there show some sense. If you want more twisties, some motels and all mcy. shops in SW NC have maps with good rides.
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    You can spend several days in West Virginia riding. On their states website, or pamphlets at rest areas and such list rides that are great for bikes. The Governor rides a Harley, so he really promotes motorcycling.
  8. Backroad Rider

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    jaceddy, thanks for the response, that sounds like it might be worth looking into, told wife of Dr. D's response regarding the Dragon and she's thinking might be wiser to do something else.
    Haven't been to W. Va. in years and never on 2 wheels, so that's a thought i'll look into.
  9. RogerT

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    I haven't ridden the Dragon on the bike yet .. but year before last I
    did it in my 350Z. It was a blast. You have to stay on the ball. I started
    from north Georgia real early on a weekday morning and headed up that
    way. Not a lot of traffic that early in the morning. I was bad and didn't
    go the speed limit. With 2 up on a bagger I would though and it shouldn't
    be a problem. Most of the corners are blind ones .. so stay alert when you're
    in the outside lane to the possibility of someone coming the opposite
    direction crossing the center line.

    Some day I'll get over that way and do it on the bike. I do have a friend
    who's done 2 up with his Ultra and he said it was no big deal.

  10. stefdustin

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    My wife and I have did THE DRAGON many times since we only live about 70 miles from there. We have rode it on a Ultra and a Road King. I suggest since you have never did it before start on the Tennessee side and ride it to the resort. Rest there for a bit and ride back back to the Tennesse side. On the Tennessee side you can go up the Foothills parkway which has many scenic look-offs that are great for pictures. At he end of the parkway you will be in Townsend. From there you will have a choice of 3 routes that will take you to Pigeon Forge-Gatlingburg, Cades Cove, or Cherokee NC. There is some great riding in these Tennessee Hills. I forgot to mention you can hit the Blue Ridge Parkway in Cherokee.