Road/spot lights on a streetglide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by olrider, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. olrider

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    Bought the Harley spot light kit. These come without the lights. Thought I would run the 50 watt halogen bulbs so I bought a set. They came with the bulb and reflecter backing but no cover glass. I can't seam to fine the glass anywhere. If I can't find it I will have to go to seal beam. That is not my first choice. Any help on locating the glass lens?
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    Have you tried the Harley web page for the glass?

    It would be nice if you would identify the lights you bought if you want any help with a part number.
  3. olrider

    olrider New Member

    Sorry about that.They are Sylvania 50AR111SP8 50w 12v 55104
  4. btsom

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    The only compatible (PG13 base) 50 watt bulbs I could find had UN-shielded filaments. They were quite dazzling for drivers coming toward the lights. I also recently stumbled across 4 1/2 inch sealed beam bulbs with a high beam and low beam two filament set up. I have no problem running the passing lights on high beam and having a high and low beam passing light is an interesting idea. Haven't decided yet if I want to go to the work and expense to buy and wire up all of that. IIRC, they are in the latest J&P catalog and use a standard 3 wire auto plug from the pre composite headlight days and sell for around $15 each. (Bulbs only, not the mounting hardware)