Road King sundowner seat on 05 FLHT

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by DitchDigger, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. DitchDigger

    DitchDigger Member

    I have a 05 FLHTI standard that needs a seat. I've got a line on a gently used sundowner that fits (according to the part #).

    What are the pros and cons of getting a RK seat and installing in on a FLHT?
  2. Jick Scott

    Jick Scott Member

    I'd take advantage of the new demo seat program. At my dealership you can demo any seat in stock from one to three days and all they do is make a copy of your license. Sounds like a good program to me and gives you enough time to decide on which seat you'd like.
  3. Breeze3at

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    Road King seats are not as long in the front, and will leave the rear of the tank exposed. H.D. makes a "trim piece" #52447-96 that fills the gap and looks ok.
    The only con I can think of is you may not like the Road King emblem that many of the seats have on them.
  4. AlanS

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    I had a two-up Sundowner on my 2005 Road King Custom. As for comfort, it was very comfortable. Other parts of me would give up on long rides before my butt would. Can't speak to the tank/cover issue. The Sundowner is well-padded, so it sat me up a little higher than stock, and might have moved me just a small amount forward.

    The trial program sounds like a good deal.