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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Dublin Dave, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Dublin Dave

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    Hi all,
    Having some little problems that i cant seem to iron out with my 07 RK, so Im' going to annoy you boffins and see if I can get the answers:

    1. When I turn on the Ignition the oil light will not illuminate,but after washing the bike the oil light is on but the starter button will not engage,and the odd time the odo clock will not light up (after the wash or a bad rain fall) I've done a check on all connectors underneath the instrument console and checked for rust and bad connection, but all seems ok.

    If anyone had the same experience they maybe able to point me in the right direction:newsmile040:

    2. I think i need to replace a battery on the security system which according to the manual is somewhere on the bike end, have chaned the swab batteries.The problem is that with the swab on me the system dose not seem to pisk up the signal. So where can one find this on board battery.:34:

    Thanking ye all in advance,
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    Can't help you with the engine light etc problems, but the battery in the security unit is a rechargeable type that gets charged from the bike's main battery. It's only purpose is to supply power to the unit if the unit is disconnected from the main battery. So, if your security module is connected to the bike's battery but not sensing your FOBs, and the batteries in them are good, its most likely the antenna, a small wire that sticks out of the module.
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  4. Dublin Dave

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    Thanks guys,
    Ill have a look at the alarm when good weather is blessed on me.
    The ignition switch is still wrecking the head though, Is it possible that the contacts inside the switch housing are not contacting properly, as when i switch on and off I can the start the bike(still no oil light, only when wet or washed)?
    Was ther any reported problems with electrical connection blocks?

    Will eventualy bring it to dealer but if i had an idea i will save on the Labour bill at garage which is huge..:bigsmiley15:
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    How do you wash your machine? With all the problems reported which seem to occur only after washing, I would never use a garden hose. I use a trigger spray bottle or a garden pump up sprayer set to mist to wet a few parts at a time, then wash and wipe. If water has gotten into and corroded your ignition switch, replacement may be the only trustworthy fix.
  6. Fritz

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    A quick removal of the ignition key shaft,spray WD-40 inside the switch,check the end of the shaft for excessive wear.I had a Electra Glide that had similar symptons and that fix the problems.As btsom said replacement of switch is best,hate to get stuck at the pub with a bad switch.
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    Just had to have a new ignition switch put in my wife's 07 UC CVO. It was doing lots of strange electrical things and finally the stereo and lights stayed on along with the instrument lights for the tach and speedo with the switch turned off, so took it in and the problem was the switch. It would have some thinsg in the electronics work(lights/stereo) and others not(starter/gauges) when the switch was turned on. A new switch took care of it all though.