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    Have a 2004 Road King with 25000 miles. Tech found two leaks at shifter shaft seal and rear rocker box . I know they will get worst but how soon should I have them repaired?

    Thanks Don
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    as soon as ya can
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    The trouble with a small oil leak is that a even little oil splattered on your engine/bike goes a long way and makes a big mess in short order. So it mostly depends on if you can tolerate that or not.
    For the last 3 years I have had a small oil leak in the rear cyinder of my 2004 Classic, right at the cylinder head gasket. There is a channel at the back of the cyinder where oil returns from the rocker box cavity. It would drip a drop of oil about every 1/2 hour or so, but that makes a mess in time.
    So I finally bit the bullet and changed the head gaskets myself about 2 weeks ago. The dealer quoted about 1000 bucks tot do the job, mostly labour.
    Problem solved, leak fixed.
    You can likely do the rocker box gasket leak yourself in an afternoon.
    The trans seal leak will likely necessitate trans removal to fix. I would leave that to the "experts".

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