Road King 08 - how suspicious should I be of this potential buy?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by LaLaw, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. LaLaw

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    Hi, folks, new to this, am looking to buy a Road King. Torn between a used 08 Road King Classic with 1400 miles on it and new black Road King Classic. Price difference is going to be about $4,200.00 (new one costs more, of course). The problem with the used bike is 1) it's a repo sold at a local Honda shop, 2) comes from outside the state from unknown user (that's obvious), 3) came w/o windshield - doesn't really both me, the dealer will provide a new one in the price, 4) has rusted bolts below exhaust (see pics). Other used Harleys (this dealer buys a lots of repos) at the dealer didn't have anything rusted nearly like this. Also, see the pic of the rusted pipe interiors.

    I ran the VIN at the local Harley shop and it showed warranty start date was 4/26/08, so someone bought it, apparently, never made a payment, barely rode it, and (probably) left it out in the rain to a certain extent to cause that kind of rust. At least that was the dealer's suggestion.

    Because it's a repo, it gives me big pause. The price is great,however, far less than I thought I could get. My brother had bought an 06 Road King the day before and when I told him that, he offered a price that was only 900 more for that great price, for a bike with a year's warranty left on it and 3K less miles!

    I know about the frame changes for the '09's, but at this price point, and with the big gas tank on the '08, I'm willing to forego that as being the major factor. But the rust thing concerns me - what do you guys think.

    By the way, you regular posters are great. I really like the way this forum is run. Good going.

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  2. walt5162

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    IMO, buy the 09.... the extra money is worth the piece of mind, plus you'll really like the new upgrades on the 09!

  3. glider

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    Here's my take on the rust. It could be from the rain and being out and staying wet for periods.It really doesn. take much to rust like your pics.

    I would be very cautions being it came from out of state because of the laundering practices that go on with defective units JMHO. We all know that other states have had flooding problems for various reasons and most times when something has been wet or flooded, it takes time for the problems to materialize like corroded connections and wiring harness problems if that was the case. Approach it slowly and cautiously and try to find out if you can some history behind the bike. If it was a repo, one thing you can be sure of is that it more than likely was not taken care of by the previous owner.

    Not trying to discourage you here but these are things that need to be addressed with a bike that was picked up under these circumstances. It was probably bought cheap too because of the circumstances so keep that in mind too.

    I think I would lean towards the 09 myself knowing where it's been.

    PS, Thanks for the kind words too.
  4. LaLaw

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    Thanks for the advice I got quick! It did come from the Kansas City area, I found out when I ran the VIN, where there might have been some flooding, so that's good food for thought. The 4K diff does make a big diff, though. But, peace of mind does make sense.
  5. Bud White

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    my stock pipes look like that on my 08 from the way the water sits in them even when you clean it up it comes back very fast.. if your worried what it might have been though buy the new one , but if oil looks good, it runs good and they will offer a warranty go for it
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  6. sharpscuba

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    I agree with Bud. My 07 when it had the stock pipes would rust up like that after getting caught in the rain. I would spend alot of time trying to keep those rust free but it always seemed to return.If you are offered a warranty the savings is fair. I would really look over everything ,like Glider said it appears it has not been taken care of somewhat.
  7. glider

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    I used never dull in that area of the muffler when I cleaned the bike. Never a spot of rust anytime.
  8. STEVE07

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    If it was one of the flood ravaged bikes the crankcase will be thin,from acids and salt,I have seen a few of them come in locally and when they try to get warranty,the dealers laugh at them,So for peace of mind ask the Honda dealer if you can take it to an HD dealer to be inspected because you want to purchase the extended warranty from Hd and you want to make sure you can before you buy.If he refuses walk away!
  9. Mavagrand

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    rust is normal, my 08 EGC pipes looked just like that. I sanded them down and sprayed them with black high temp grill paint...never had anymore rust and it has been over a year...
  10. patrickcarr

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    if you are smart take the vin# to a local hd store and have them run it, they will be able to tell you everything you need to know last owner, open recall, recall work done factory add ons done by dealer. if you like the bike and the price is right and its still under warranty you can always by an extended warranty. to bad someones bad luck is your key to saving money!