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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by charliebrown, Oct 6, 2011.

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    I purchased a 2009 FHTR Road Glide August 2, 2011. It is my dream bike and I love it. The owner's manual said the accessory switch is for owner's use and to see the dealer for uses. It also says there is an accessory connector on the battery. I do have an electric vest. Is that a possble use for accessory switch? I would appreciate any information regarding uses for the accessory switch. I do have a battery tender on the bike but the battery cable was already installed on the battery by the previous owner. Thanks guys.
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    As the manual says, the switch is there for whatever you want to attach to the connector. I don't see why you couldn't plug your vest into it and be able to turn it on and off from the switch.
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    You can hook items (or wire them) to the accessory switch (as Dr. said) and also you should have two connectors under the seat. One will be a standard Deutsch connector with 4 wires. Two wires will be for rear lighting and two for whatever you want. The connector has power only when the ignition is on. However other than the ignition it is not switched (unless you add a switch).

    There is also (unless it changed on the newer models) another accessory plug under the seat. It only has one red wire and it feeds out of the TSSM battery terminal. This connector is hot all the time the battery is hooked up.
    You can use this for whatever you wish, but you will have to furnish (fabricate) your own ground to the item.

    Don't know how your heated vest hooks up, but if it has a cig liter plug, HD sells a weather proof Cig liter plug for wiring into which ever circuit you wish.
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    Im not real sure but doesnt the road glide have a cigarette lighter built in under the dash? My ultra limited does.
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    on my 11 SG the accessory circut does have a switch to power accessories on or off while the bike is running.
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    I Have a 2012 road glide ultra, I used my switch for my heated glove. They work great, If my hands get to warm I can switch them off. I did the same when I had an ultra classic
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    Only ONE glove??? :lolrolling
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    Yes Bandt it does have the cigarette plug and lighter on the lower left hand side of the fairing.