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    I ride an 08 street glide (flhx) and it has the plastic filler strips on the rear fender. Acording to Rivco, to mount the flag holder you need to drill an 1 1/4 hole in the filler strip. Has anyone done that and if so can you post a picture of the final look of it. I'm not sure I want to drill it out as this is my wifes bike as well.
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    Why not just get the flag holder for the plate frame. I agree that drilling the body work is a bit risky.....
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    I'm sorry I don't have current access to any pics but I know a guy that put one of those on his StreetGlide. He told me removed the plastic filler strip and then drilled the holes and reinstalled it.

    I didn't pursue it at the time of the conversation but I would think Rivco should have given you a template (maybe?) to mark the drill holes.

    Make sure it's stout or send it back and get a different kind. I've seen all kinds of flag mount systems. They all function pretty good under 40 mph, but if you have to ride interstate for extended times I would recommend a 2.5x3 flag intead of the 3x5. It shows up pretty good still and I've seen setups with 3x5 flags break off at extended time speeds and they would have to fall out of the formation.

    It Good luck with it.

    Hey guy I just now searched and found a pdf file link and if you scroll down into the pdf there is a pic of it mounted.

    You could save the PDF to your computer if you like.

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    That is the picture in the actual instructions. But it is of a Road king.

    I was hoping to see a piture of it coming through the plastic filler strip that is on the Street Glide befoer i drill it.

    @DBMG This is for flying a flag on PGR missions.
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