Rinehart Slipons Popping

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  1. hd4evr

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    I had Rinehart slipons installed last summer along with a Power Commander III and an SE airbox. My bike runs OK, but backfires and pops on decel and between shifts! I HATE that. Dealer says that's "normal". I've seen other bikes with this setup and they sound much better with no popping. What do you think the problem is? Oh yeah, 2007 RKC.

    BTW, my bike makes a "chirp" when I shut it off. Sounds like a bird "chirp". I only hear it when I shut the bike off though. Could it be an exhaust leak, and could that also cause the popping?
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  2. mat 60

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    Has your bike been doing this from the time of install..
  3. glider

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    Very possible it could be an exhaust leak but if it is what I think you are explaining, it's when the piston stops it's motion on shutdown , you get a whistling sort of a noise like a chirp. It's not a problem but check to see if you do have an exhaust leak anyway.
  4. hd4evr

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    Yes, since the install.
  5. Hoople

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    I know when installing SE slip on's, the instructions almost insist you use new muffler clamps when installing. I could easily see installers by-passing that step for several reasons. Maybe Rinehart includes them in the kit, I don't know. But SE does not and they are extra $$.

    Also, I am not familiar with the PC III maps but I can tell you that if you want to rid the bike of popping, you must chop off the fuel when the PC sees intake manifold pressures of 20 Kpa from 1000RPM and above. If you can go in and modify just that part of the A/F map, that would probably do it. You said you have seen other bikes "with this set up" that have no popping. Does their set up include a PCIII? If it does, find out what map they are using.
  6. rooti

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    I think that the only way to really dial in the tuning is by a good dyno operator with a custom map for your bike. Every bike is a little different...
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    From what I have experienced, backfire and popping while decelerating are due to lean fuel mixture. As far as the "chirp" goes mine does the same and I have always thought it was the motor sort of exhausting its last breath with no spark.
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    If you have determined that you have eliminated any exhaust leaks and you are still getting excessive popping on decel you can change the PC III Fuel Map Tables at the 0% thottle positions from 1500 RPM's to 6,000 RPM's adding fuel in increments of 5% and see if that reduces the popping.

    I have added up to 20% in these map cells to reduce the decel popping with success and have read that you can go as high as 40% but I would only go as high as needed to reduce the popping. I personally don't mind the ocassional pop, I just don't want it to be excessive.

    Here is a link showing how to change the map tables.

  9. Hoople

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    Not disagreeing,, just want to learn.

    I hear the words often but someone plz explain to me why/how it works. To me adding fuel just encourages popping or worse,, even pushes you into the backfire zone. The couple of times I added fuel to reduce popping, it just made it worse to the point of backfiring. What is the theory behind increasing fuel during a throttle chop (whether it be looked at as a low map pressure or 0% of throttle). Is the theory to make it so rich, there is not enough oxygen for combustion to take place?

    My way of thinking says I need fuel, oxygen and some form of ignition to cause popping. Ignition in the form of a glowing piece of carbon or metal will work just fine. Isn't it true that having popping due to an exhaust leak is not the same as being too lean without an exhaust leak.? So how would adding fuel stop it. Especially on a TBW EFI bike, (where 0% of twist grip is meaningless) I would expect terrible results by adding fuel.

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    I can tell you that from day one I've had that little chirp you're talking about I have no exhaust leaks I think it's air coming or going from the heavy breather . I didn't think I had any decel popping until I installed the doebeck TFI now I know I don't have any , a way different sound on decel . My set up is V&H big radius , SE heavy breather , and the dealer reflash . I'm real happy with the difference the TFI made just wasn't real happy I had to grind down the connectors to install them and then 2 weeks later find out they are discounting them by $50.00 .