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  1. dogdad

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    Anyone use the Wiley X brand glasses? Good or bad....I've tried some inexpensive stuff and Bobsters...don't like them. I need to find some new riding glasses. Thinking about the auto-chromatic that changes.
  2. threesteps

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    I've been riding with a pair of WileyX XL-3s for a little over a year. They have perscriptions lens. Don't know if that's what you're interested in but I'll give you the info on them. They have progressive lens (not bifocal) and are transitional lens(darken in sunlight). The transitional aspect is really handy when getting off the bike and going into a restaurant, etc.

    I'm very satisfied with the frames and the progressive lens. I wish the lens were darker when they are at their darkest shade. They don't get as dark as most straight sunglass lens. I have learned this is a common shortcoming of transitional lens.
  3. drake

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    Hey dogdad, try radiatorz suglasses.com and see if you find a pair there you like!!!
  4. Mattman4403

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    Been riding with the Wiley X glasses for about 3 years now. Love em.
    My wife sits behind and she wears them also. I broke a temple piece and my wife had a gasket (the foam seal around your eyes on the back of the glasses) that tore. We were able to buy the new gasket an they sent along a replacement temple piece gratis. I think the ability to get service adds to the value of the glasses. Actually have a pair of the gradent and a pair of dark glasses. For bright sunlight I like the dark better but the gradent are good for in the city or if you will be in and out of tunnels.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    I bought a set off Ebay and really like them. They're the ones that are "ballistic strength" (I guess they use them on shooting ranges in the military - good enough for me!) and can be worn as glasses or goggles with clear or tinted lenses. I payed big bucks for a pair of Panoptix glasses with transitional lenses and I agree with a previous poster - they do not get dark enough for full sunny days.
  6. STEVE07

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    Because I lose or break at least 7 pair of glasses a year I buy the cheapest ones I can find that seem comfortable with good vision at the time of purchase I know I'm not going to keep them long!
  7. janrick

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    I never post but I'll chime in on this one. I bought a pair of Wiley-X perscripton sunglasses two years ago. The frame broke on both sides of the bridge about an inch out after about 10 months. The first pair of frames came under the warranty. The second pair broke in exactly the same spot, again about 10 months later. They are not covered under the warranty. I superglued them but it only last a couple of months. Now I need another pair but it won't be Wiley-X.
  8. 2002SilverSurfer

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    I havent tried the Wileys but have heard good things about them.

    I personally happened to be tooling around the International Motorcycle Show in Washington DC last January and there was an optician there with a booth selling riding glasses. I wear glasses and looked pretty goofy with the big James Dean goggles over them so I stopped to see what the guy had to offer. I walked away with hands down, the best sets of riding glasses I could want. I bought two pairs and one pair is prescription with the photgrade transition from yellow to black and as Mattman and Dr. Doolittle said, they didnt get quite dark enough for extremely bright sunny days so I got a pair of straight up dark prescription glasses as well. They are both the Panoptix Raptors and I love them. They also come with foam inserts and a neck strap to keep them from going very far. Very comfortable.....just my .02.
  9. wildspirit97

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    Your like me then, what I do is go down to the local mall booths and try on the cheap sunglasses. When I find some I like I look at the brand and model number, write it down or tell my wife to remember for me and then I go to this site Factory direct wholesale sunglasses from X-LOOP, Choppers, DG, VG, Childrens sunglasses, Motorcycle sunglasses and more! and I've always been able to find 'em on there. You have to buy a box but for the a total of about $25 give or take depending on the ones you like you have a dozen pair of glass in all different colors and lens shades. They also make a great gift:pelao And I've also been know to sell 'em off for $5 bucks a pair.
  10. Ken S.

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    The wife and I both bought the harley no fogs with the foam eye cups, both clear and sunglasses, Love 'um. I know they are cheap but they are comfy and stay on your face.