Riding at night

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  1. TCSTD

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    I know that most of us would rather ride during the day, but how many people also ride at night to save gas instead of using their cage? This is probably more related to those that have to work the late evenings or graveyard shifts.
  2. readski

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    Got to agree with smitty... ride because I want to... too many people come up and tell me "you must be saving gas".... they just don't get it:bigsmiley20:

    Just cause it is dark is no reason not to ride...just use some caution...
  3. Agro

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    I like smitty ride both day and night. Yes I do have a cage but generally only use it when I cart the kids around.
    Need to wear a Bandana or something at night to keep the bugs out of your teeth, but if you havnt had a feed for a while LOL.
  4. glider

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    I also ride because I want to regardless of the gas.:s
  5. Sharky1948

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    Yep, day or night...for fun! I, of course, ride more slowly at night to avoid deer and not to overrun my headlights. I added the running lights to my Sporty and it has made a big difference in illuminating the road.

    On the glasses/goggles, I like the yellow lenses rather than the clear. They seem to cut down on glare better. And, it makes things look cool (except for the rider!) as well.
  6. glider

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    I hear they sell those yellow glasses with small rear view mirrors on the sides now:rofl
  7. bwalsh22

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    Couldn't agree with you more smitty. People always look at me and say you must get great gas mileage, I tell them yes it is good for that, but what I save in gas I spend on insurance, the bike and upgrades :) I wanted the bike, yes I ride it to work everyday I can, but mostly because it makes my commute enjoyable and that is my time to ride, since I have a 3 yr old at home with a pregnant wife so weekends are either quick trips or in the SUV. The rainy days just stink being trapped in my cage.

    To the original point, I will ride when I can day or night, just so happens that I have not ridden at night yet.
  8. Vibratinharley

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    I actually prefer riding at night and quite often take a couple hour ride as the temps are cooler and there is a lot less traffic. I added extra spot lights to engine guard to help with visibility. Just have to be careful in regards to deer and other animals that enjoy the night time as much as you do.:D

    **and as for saving gas, who cares. I ride for the enjoyment and the awesome therapy my ride gives me and waste a lot of fuel doing it.
  9. Buzzy

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    Love the night rides, even the bugs and deer don't cut much into the fun. The air is softer feeling the wind is usually down from daytime, cooler. Others see you much better at night especially if you're using your auxillary lights with your low beam and there is less traffic these days.
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    I guess this saves anyone from posting a poll on whether we ride for fun or to save gas! Seems pretty unanimous we all ride for the pure enjoyment of it and the gas mileage is just a pleasant byproduct.

    As far as the night riding, I greatly prefer to ride in the day. I don't care how many lights you add, how clean they are, and how well aimed they are, you do not see as well at night. As someone else mentioned, there are a lot more critters that come out at night. Also, statistically there are a lot more drivers under the influence of (fill in the blank) at night. Now, if it was a beautiful, starry night and everyone was going out for a coffee or ice cream, I wouldn't hesitate to take the bike but I simply don't routinely ride at night.