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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Route66rider, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Route66rider

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    I recently traded my 1500 metric in on a 05 Ultra Classic and was wondering if there was any way to tell if any ECU work or tuning mods had been performed on it. Basically, it has Rinehart true duals and an aircleaner with "Screamin' Eagle" on it. However, any more than that is all pure guess work unless there is some obvious markings or locations I should be on the lookout for.
    (FWIW, I am pretty much an old'un that has been down the road and around the block more than once and have the scars to prove it!)
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  2. wv2wheel

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    Welcome to the forum. I am much too new at the Harley thing to answer your question as my new to me 09 Ultra is my first such animal (old fart also, just decided to try this pair of shoes on for size). I would think you might need some kind of dealer tool to tell if the ecu mapping is done unless they toss a label on somewhere (which I doubt). If they installed an aftermarket efi tuner you might find that under the seat or side cover since I think that is where folks hide them...

    good luck with the new ride and enjoy!

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome and enjoy your new bike, if all else fails check with your local dealer, they should know or try contacting the previous owner, chances are a dealer has some history on that bike, Good Luck, Jack
  4. hoghunter

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    Welcome, If the bike isn't popping when you let off the throttle your ECM may have been reflashed to give the bike more fuel. Usually if you install true duals and hiflow air cleaner you get this popping from the exhaust when you let off the throttle.

  5. Trek

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    If a HD dealer put a tuner on it any dealer should be able to look it up by the vin I believe.
  6. Chopper

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    Welcome Route66rider, just stop your local dealer they can just plug into the data link with there digital tech and tell you what download is in the ECM or even if it's been race tuned.