Ride across America.

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    This is an interesting article. I have ridden Canada and the U.S. I agree with some of it but not all and I will always ride my own bike and make it a full round trip :)

    50 Tips for Riding A Motorcycle Across America
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    I agree some of the points are useful and some are not I have done some great journeys over the years and have had planned services and tyre changes on route and carried a list of dealers for tyres and for services for the needs of the motorcycle
    I have until recent years camped with a small tent but now pre plan stops wife does not like small tent life
    We never over stretch our day of riding never over 400 miles 200 to 300 in a day seems to be the best
    I do not like motorway (freeway) riding and prefer to take A or B roads

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    A good read, I chuckled at point#50, even with the short trips, I have always initially packed too much, unpacked and left about a third the stuff at home.