rewrapping baffles

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Redman, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Redman

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    I finally got around to pulling my baffles out of my Rush pipes and not to my surprise most of the material is gone so I was goiing to use wood stove rope which is good up to 1000 degrees. I was goiing to wrap with about an inch between wraps the length of the baffle...does anyone have experience doiing this or thoughts about the best way. Thanks as always ! I already have the stove rope from a different project so I thought Id try it.
  2. tyre

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    I wrapped mine w/ no space beteween rounds starting & stopping w/ machanix wire Tied, sounds good .
  3. R_W_B

    R_W_B Senior Member

    Hmmm the stove rope sounds good, I've never tried that. My V&H's baffles came with fiberglass sheet wrap. I wrapped it good with clear scotch tape to keep it from pulling off when I pushed the baffles in. Worked good. The tape will melt off over time, but the pipe wall holds it on tight.

    I seriously doubt ends of the pipes get much over 800 F if that.
  4. Breeze3at

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    I didn't know what stove rope was till I looked it up. Looks like a good alternate.
  5. dbmg

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    That is what I was going to use next on my Rush. Then some one offered what I paid for them and I sold them. It seemed like twice a year I was repacking...
  6. MyfirstHarley

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    I wrapped mine last year with the stove rope, it works very well. I wrapped so the rope was not covering any of the baffle holes. I used wire to hold the end and a couple places in the middle. Tim