Revisited, This rattle is driving me crazy! Mystery solved!

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    My original post in April,
    Hey Guy's, Need a little advise here. My 07 Softail Deluxe has a rattle in the front end that's driving me crazy. Its not head bearings, they have been checked by Dealer. It sounds like a loose nut bouncing around in the headlight bucket when I hit a bump or ride on grass or gravel. Like a tin sound. I removed the headlamp, and windshield but its still there. Any advise as to where to check next. I hate to tear down the complete front end but I think it might be in the tubes! thanks

    I finally decided to take the front forks apart in search for the rattle. All moving parts look ok, but i noticed the steel bushing in the bottom of the upper tube was a little loose. The other tube was even looser!
    Apparently the crimp on the tube wasn't enough to hold the bushing tight. I've read that 2007 was the first year for this new shock. I used a hammer and massaged the crimp until the bushing was tight and used my tig welder to tack in on both sides. Since I had the shocks apart I rebuilt them with new slide bushing and seals. Put everything back together and its as smooth as silk!
    I wanted to post in case someone else has the same rattle driving them crazy! thanks

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    Good find, hopefully this will help someone else in the future.:s
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    Thanks for sharing the solution. I'm sure it will help someone here