Replacing spacers on Fournales shocks

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by fabrozor, Feb 27, 2010.

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    I ordered Fournales rear shocks for my Electra.
    As i wanted it smooth i ordered the 13,5" instead of the stock lenght 13" so i could lower the air pressure and have 13,5" of lenght.
    When i mounted them on the bike, the 13,5" shock extended the rear swinger arm and the bottom shock fixation bolt was knocking on the exhaust mufflers.

    Then i phoned to Fournales to get some shorter spacers so the bolts wouldn't hit the mufflers anymore.

    Here is how i changed the spacers. ==> ImageShack(TM) slideshow
    (Hit the "play" button)
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    Thanks for sharing the information, how's the ride & handling?
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    i still can not ride due to my rachis still not fixed.
    I couldn't wait to do some mechanic on my bike. I should have wait, it's hurting like (EDITED) now.
    Well the shocks are in place.
    I'll let you know about the confort when i will be able to ride.

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    when i said that i meant "bike lifted". If on the ground, no problem.
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    i rode the bike today.
    I find the confort not smooth enough.
    I contacted Fournales before droping the air pressure.
    They said not to drop pressure more than half a bar from the original pressure.
    They also said the shokes must work before they become smoother time after time.